Richard Thomas Baker

Date of Birth: 25 April 1974
Nationality: British

9 Bonners Close
GU22 9RA

Mobile: 00 44 (0) 7803 205 898
Home:  00 44 (0) 1483 761 199

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Key Skills
TCP/IP, Unix, Programming (PHP, Perl, C, Objective C), Network Security, Internet Technologies, Databases, iPhone/iPad development.
February 2007 - Present Day Tui Ltd
Developer and Systems Administrator
  • Development of native iPhone and iPad applications (current primary role) using the Apple Xcode environment. This has involved a number of projects for various customers, some prototyping work that clients have used for internal demonstration purposes as well as 1 application currently in the iTunes app store ( 2 iPhone applications and 1 iPad application for a national newspaper and 1 iPad application developed for an international news agency).
  • Implementation of websites using PHP/MySQL/Linux. The majority of the work has been carried out using the Symfony PHP framework.
  • Responsible for all of Tui's Unix and network systems as well as managing web servers for a number of clients on Amazon AWS and similar cloud infrastructure.
  • Providing systems consulting to clients requiring new web hosting environments.
April 2006 - October 2006 School of Oriental and African Studies
Web Systems Developer
  • Part of team developing the new external website for the school. Responsible for the installation and setup of live and development web servers and content management servers running Percussion Rhythmyx CMS, Oracle and Redhat Enterprise Server OS on Dell PowerEdge servers.
  • Developed Perl scripts to extract and clean HTML from existing CMS system ready for transfer to the new CMS.
  • As part of the new web systems build installed and configured a network monitoring system using Nagios software.
  • Developed a new phone and email directory database to support web based directory lookup and other systems such as help desk support software. Transferred existing data held in an Access database to MySQL as well as syncing data held in an Oracle database maintained by the Personnel Department.
November 2002 - April 2006
Freelance I.T. Consultant
Working as a freelance consultant specialising in Unix/Linux, networking, programming. Clients include: School of Oriental and African Studies
  • Setup and configuration of a Shibboleth server and integration with the existing intranet single sign on system.
  • Responsible for the specification, design and implementation of the Schools intranet system. This encompasses projects such as help desk support, internal directories and image databases. Development has been on Linux using Apache/mod_perl/PHP.
  • Continued development of the network management database. A system that allows the network team to manage DHCP and CISCO vlan membership on the colleges network through a password protected web form for staff and a self registration web form for students.
Southampton City Council
  • Designed and created MySQL database and PHP pages for import, search and display of Lloyd's ships register data.
National Children's Bureau
  • Installation and setup of a Linux server for the Young TransNet project.
June 2000 - October 2002 Bibliotech Ltd
Network and Systems Manager, Developer
  • Development. Part of the technical team developing the SchoolMaster community site using Perl/mod_perl. Responsible for design and implementation of a customised email system using the Exim mail relay agent.
  • Systems. Lead systems developer responsible for a number of projects including SchoolMaster filtered email, systems monitoring and statistics presentation. Provided support for production systems ranging from Linux Web Servers to Informix database servers running on Sun Solaris.
  • Office Network. Responsible for the site network and the firewall. Implemented a remote access solution using an OpenBSD firewall to give secure office networking and IPSEC based VPN services.
2000 - 2001 Bibliotech Ltd
Network Operations Manager
  • Network. Responsible for the design and maintenance of the production network. Built using Cisco and Alteon equipment to provide a redundant load balanced service. Liaised with various ISP's to provide connectivity to both office and colocation networks.
  • Systems. Working as a member of the systems team designing and maintaining the production servers. Using software such as Sendmail, Exim, Apache and Bind running on Linux. Liaised with Research and Development in order to ensure timely and safe code roll outs.
  • Development. Responsible for design and development of the company's web hosting service. This was implemented using Apache with Perl CGI scripts and a Postgres database.
1998 - 2000 Imperial College Computer Centre
Network Consultant
  • Network Support. Responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the core Imperial College network ( 5000+ hosts ), remote Medical School sites and associated WAN links, Email provision, DNS and monitoring services. Working with Help Desks and other organisations to maintain and develop academic networks within London.
  • TCP/IP. Imperial College core network. This required skills including. Gigabit Ethernet; FDDI; ATM systems (Fore and 3Com); WAN links; Layer 2 switching; routing; Layer 4 switching; Cisco Routers including use of Cisco IOS software; 3Com routers and switches; RIP; OSPF; BGP; Firewalls (Checkpoint Firewall 1).
  • Network Services. Installing and maintaining email systems (primarily Exim MTA), DNS (BIND V4,8), FTP and Web services (servers and caches).
  • Unix skills. Installation and maintenance of Sun Solaris and Linux systems.
1996 - 1998 Imperial College Computer Centre
Database Developer and PC Analyst
  • Database development. Responsible for developing a replacement for the College User Registration system. This involved design and implementation of a database recording information concerning all computing accounts at Imperial College; a Java middleware component; clients to export user data and migration of data from legacy system. Other work included publishing of database data to the Web and various database structural designs. This work was mainly carried out on Microsoft SQL Sever using Microsoft Transact SQL.
  • Windows NT. Installed and maintained NT server systems including a Citrix Winframe server.
  • Application support. Installation and support of commercial and freeware PC and Unix applications. Responsible for compilation and packaging of supported Gnu software on various Unix platforms.
  • Programming. Development work undertaken with C, Java, Awk, Perl and Unix shell. Experience with C++ and Fortran. Technologies used include Motif, Windows MFC, CORBA, Java JDBC, Unix Systems, Java Servlets, BSD Sockets.
1992 - 1996 Imperial College
  • M.Eng Aeronautical Engineering
  • Final Year Degree Project
    • 3 Dimensional interface to departmental Finite Element code. Developed using X Windows API interfaced to Fortran FE code. 3 dimensional display realised through use of LCD shutter glasses on an SGI workstation.
1985 - 1992 Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
  • A Levels. Maths (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A), General Studies (A)
  • G.C.S.E's. 10 Grade A C
  • Awards. A Level Honoratus Prize
Clitheroe, Lancashire
Clean U.K. driving licence. Clean Criminal Records Bureau check as of 4th July 2005.
Reading, music, cooking, photography. I also do some volunteer work preparing automated reports for a charity that runs a telephone helpline.
References are available on request.